Can You Freeze Stuffed Mushrooms?

Q. I whipped up a batch of stuffed mushrooms for a holiday dinner this week. I use those really big mushroom caps, scoop out the middle, and then stuff them with a variety of ingredients before baking them up in the oven. When packing up the mushrooms for the dinner, I realized that I have about a dozen stuffed mushrooms leftover that I would like to keep for myself. I would like to be able to eat them over time, but I don’t want to eat them this week. I’m interested in freezing them, but I’m not sure if that would work because of the stuffing. I don’t want it to go soggy or too dry. Can you freeze stuffed mushrooms?

Can you freeze stuffed mushrooms?

Can you freeze stuffed mushrooms?

A. Yes, you can freeze stuffed mushrooms if you freeze them carefully. Many people prefer to stuff and freeze the mushrooms without baking them, and then baking them upon thawing, but they can be frozen after baking as well. However, the sooner they’re frozen, the better they will freeze. Ideally they would be frozen the same day they’re stuffed. They may lose a bit of their firmness after being thawed, but it shouldn’t affect the final result very much, and the flavour should remain intact.

How to freeze stuffed mushrooms?

Prepare the stuffed mushrooms according to your favourite recipe, but don’t bake them. Then, place the stuffed mushrooms on a piece of parchment paper that has been placed on a baking sheet. Place the sheet in the freezer until the mushrooms are firm and frozen. This will stop the mushrooms from sticking together in the freezer. Remove the baking sheet from the freezer. Place the stuffed mushrooms in a single layer in a freezer bag. Place a piece of parchment paper on top of the first layer of stuffed mushrooms, and then repeat with a second layer of mushrooms.

Remove as much air from the bag as possible, then seal and label the bag. Be careful not to place anything heavy on top of the stuffed mushrooms or they will get crushed in the freezer. Stuffed mushrooms will keep for up to three months in the freezer before beginning to lose their quality. To use the mushrooms, place them in a preheated oven and cook from frozen for best results. This avoids having the mushrooms go soggy in the refrigerator upon defrosting. Refrigerate any leftovers, but do not refreeze.

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