Can you Freeze Roasted Garlic?

Q. I roasted a few heads of garlic for a recipe, and I have some left over. I like to spread roasted garlic on toast or us it in recipes as I find it has a milder taste than raw or fried garlic. However, it takes a long time to make, and I don’t always have it handy when I want it. Now that I have leftovers, I’m wondering if it’s possible to roast garlic ahead of time and then freeze it to use later. I don’t know anyone else who makes roasted garlic at home, so no one was able to give me a definitive answer. Can you freeze roasted garlic?

A. Yes, you can definitely freeze roasted garlic! It’s so wonderful to hear that you roast it at home, since it can be expensive to purchase in stores. You can freeze roasted garlic either in full cloves, or you can squeeze the garlic from the cloves and then freeze it as a paste. Either method works well when freezing garlic paste. If you prefer to season your garlic paste before using it, it’s fine to add seasonings to it before freezing, such as spices or ginger.

How to freeze roasted garlic?

If you are the only person who eats it, I suggest freezing it in single serving size cubes so that none go to waste. To freeze whole cloves, simply place the cloves on a baking sheet. Place the sheet in the freezer until the cloves are hard enough that they won’t stick together. Place the garlic cloves into freezer bags or a hard-sided freezer safe container. To use, remove a garlic clove from the freezer and allow to thaw before using in recipes.

If you prefer to have a ready-made paste, then freeze the roasted garlic in paste form. Allow the roast garlic to cool enough to handle before squeezing the roast garlic from the cloves. Once all the roasted garlic is out, mash it until smooth. To freeze, place mashed roast garlic into ice cube trays. Place the trays into the freezer until frozen. Then, pop the cubes out and place them into freezer bags. To use, remove a cube from the freezer bag and allow it to thaw in a small container before using. Add it to your favourite recipe or simply spread it on some crusty bread. For best results, use thawed garlic paste within two days of thawing. It is not recommended to refreeze previously frozen roasted garlic.

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