Can You Freeze Ginger Root?

Q. This may sound like a weird question, but I want to know about ginger root. I really like adding grated ginger root to recipes like stir fries or even to my morning smoothie. My problem is that I can only seem to find it in big pieces at the grocery store, and by the time I can use it all the ginger root shrivels up and goes dry. I find myself throwing out ginger root every couple of weeks. I would like to stop wasting my ginger root and storing the extra instead, so that it’s there for me to use when I need it. My question is, Can you freeze ginger root?

Ginger Root

Ginger Root

A. Yes, you can freeze ginger root! It’s an excellent way to maintain all the flavour and health properties of ginger root, without having to buy a fresh piece every time you want to use some. While ginger root can be frozen in large pieces, since it’s typically eaten grated in foods, it’s not practical to freeze it in chunks. Peeling and grating the ginger root before freezing it will save you time in the long run, and allow you to only use what you need.

How to freeze ginger root?

First, cut off the hard outside portion of the ginger root. Then, using a small grater, grate the ginger root into a pile on a clean surface. To freeze the ginger root into small, single serving portions, freezing it in teaspoon or even half teaspoon quantities may be best. You can buy special herb freezing trays, or simply use a regular ice cube tray. Using a teaspoon, scoop out the desired quantity of the grated ginger root. Place the ginger root into the ice cube tray. Repeat the process until all the ginger is used, squishing the ginger root down to form a cube.

How to thaw ginger root?

Place the tray in the freezer until the ginger root is frozen. Remove the tray from the freezer and pop out the ginger root cubes. Place the cubes in a freezer bag, remove the excess air, and seal the bag. Label and date it with the name, quantity, and date frozen. When you are ready to use the ginger root, pop a tray out of the bag and either defrost it in the refrigerator or add it directly to a recipe that will be heated and cooked. Use thawed ginger root within a few days of defrosting for best results.

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