Can you freeze fruit juice ?

It is very easy to freeze fruit juice, but you still need to take some precautions. Make sure the juice is the most concentrated and the freshest possible. Take orange juice as an example. To have a better orange juice, preheat it by rubbing it between your hands and in hot water for a few minutes. Then press with an orange press and put the concentrated juice in a plastic bottle. Leave the cap open during the first 24 hours of freezing. So you have to make sure that the bottle is standing up. After 24 hours, extend the bottle in the freezer. You can close the bottle and set the temperature of the freezer to 42 ° F. So you can keep your juice for a long time.

Fruit Ice cubes

Another fun solution  to freeze my juices, is to make ice cubes. This method is ideal for lemon juice. I fill the ice cube trays with the juice and freeze them at -13 ° F. When they are ready, I put them in a freezer bag and store them under -0.4 ° F for long-term storage. This way of freezing is especially ideal for the juice of lemon, but it can also be done for the other fruits and even for the juice in brick. To drink your juice, simply put the ice cubes in half a glass of water, which is why it is essential that the frozen juice is very concentrated.
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