Can you freeze cheese fondue ?

Q. Back from a ski trip in the french Alpes, we became cheeseaholics, and especially cheese fondue lovers… With a great nostalgia, I decided to make a big cheese fondue at home (with gruyere, emmental, beaufort, abondance, garlic,  white wine, nut-meg , a spoon of kirsh, and cubes of crusty breads from the day before ) . It was tremendous, but I made way too much and now I’m wondering wether I can keep these remains in the freezer for a quick later use, for this one, or for the next fondue I will certainly do !  Can you freeze cheese fondue?


cheese fondue

A. I’m also fan of cheese fondue, and for sure also raclette and tartiflette 🙂 .  On top of that, the funny local tradition that whoever loses his bread cube in the fondue gets a forfeit is real fun and can entertain your dinner 🙂  I believe the french say “never throw cheese away”. Although freezing some cheese will probably alter a bit its taste, especially when it has been cooked and melted, you can definitely freeze your fondue cheese and reuse it in a short time frame (2 months), it will still be great !

To freeze fondue cheese, take it out of the caquelon, once it’s cold and has hardened. Make small slices out of it and seal them in a plastic bag, try to remove air from the bag the best you can. This is important, so take your time, don’t rush this step and make it right.

To use frozen your frozen fondue, you can just put the bag under hot water to ease separating it from the cheese, then just drop your frozen cheeze directly in the hot white whine in the caquelon. Stir when it starts melting again. Enjoy, and watch your bred cube !

Another solution is to use your fondue leftover the next day or the day after. Just keep it in the fridge. Try this recipe: put your fondue left over in a baking dish, add some sliced onions, and cover with peeled water cooked potato cubes on it. Put in the oven for 15mn. Serve with ham, smoked ham, bacon.

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