Can you Freeze Yogurt to make Frozen Yogurt?

Q. I’ve recently started eating frozen yogurt instead of ice cream in an attempt to eat healthier. I really like the taste and texture of frozen yogurt, but have found that it is much more expensive compared to regular ice cream. I would like to be able to make my own frozen yogurt at home, but I’m not exactly sure how to do it. I would like to think that I can just stick a tub of yogurt in the freezer and let it freeze, but there’s probably more I need to do. Can you freeze yogurt to make frozen yogurt?

A. Yes, you can freeze yogurt to make frozen yogurt. However, you are correct in your assumption that you need to prepare the yogurt a bit first to get the results you want. If you simply stick a tub of regular yogurt in the freezer until it’s frozen, you’ll end up with a hard brick of yogurt that doesn’t resemble the soft, creamy frozen yogurt you’re used to. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution to that problem.

To get smooth frozen yogurt, you must add sugar before freezing. The sugar helps slow down the formation of ice crystals, allowing the yogurt to remain soft even after freezing. So, for about a quart of yogurt, stir in a cup of plain white sugar. Then, you must churn the yogurt to incorporate the sugar properly. This can be done with an ice cream maker, or you can do it by hand. Once combined, scoop the yogurt into a freezer safe container. Seal the container, then label and date it. Now the yogurt can be placed in the freezer. Allow the yogurt to freeze for several hours before consuming.

Frozen yogurt made at home will be lighter in texture and less creamy as the commercial varieties. You can make your frozen yogurt creamier by mixing regular yogurt with Greek yogurt. The thicker consistency of the Greek yogurt will make for a creamier finished product. Follow the rest of the instructions for creating the original version of frozen yogurt. If you are interested in making flavoured frozen yogurt, add your flavouring before freezing, or save it as a topping after the yogurt has been frozen.

Frozen yogurt can be kept in the fridge for several months. Protect against freezer burn by ensuring that the lid is always closed tightly after use. If you find your frozen yogurt is still not as creamy as you’d like, allow it to stand for about 5 minutes at room temperature before serving.

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