Can You Freeze Stuffed Peppers?

Updated December 28, 2017

Q. I’ve been batch cooking meals to serve on busy weeknights, and stuffed peppers are one of my favourites. I love the way they can be filled with a variety of ingredients and how they’re so easy to make and taste so great. I want to make a large batch of stuffed peppers to freeze for the winter, but I’ve never tried freezing them before and don’t want to ruin a whole batch. Can you freeze stuffed peppers?

Unfrozen stuffed peppers

Unfrozen stuffed peppers

A. Yes, you can freeze stuffed peppers, and they make a great freezer meal. Stuffed peppers hold their shape after freezing, and also maintain their texture and flavour. They are perfect for people who live on their own and only want to eat one at a time, or for a whole family.

How to freeze stuffed peppers?

To freeze stuffed peppers, prepare the peppers according to your recipe. Ensure that any meat you use is cooked completely before freezing unless you plan to cook the peppers fully after thawing. Allow the peppers to cool completely before freezing so that they don’t become soggy. Peppers can be frozen individually or in batches, so choose the method that works best for you.

To freeze an entire batch of stuffed peppers, they can be frozen in the casserole dish or aluminum baking dish used to bake them in. Cover the stuffed peppers with a layer of aluminum foil. If the dish has a freezer safe lid, place the lid on top. Otherwise secure the foil with an elastic, or wrap the entire dish in a double layer or plastic wrap.
To freeze peppers individually, they must each be wrapped separately. Wrap each stuffed pepper in a double layer of plastic wrap. Ensure that no part of the pepper is left uncovered, in order to avoid freezer burn. Place the wrapped peppers in freezer bags. Squeeze out the excess air and seal the bags. Label and date the bags. Frozen stuffed peppers can be kept for up to a year, but are best if eaten within six months.

How to defrost stuffed peppers?

Frozen peppers can be moved directly from freezer to oven without being thawed first. Remove any plastic wrap and place the peppers in an oven safe container. Cook in a 350F oven until thawed completely and warmed through. For faster reheating, thaw stuffed peppers in the refrigerator overnight, then reheat in a 350F oven until warm.
Previously frozen stuffed peppers should be consumed within 2-3 days. Never refreeze thawed stuffed peppers.

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  1. Helen says:

    Thank you for your help you gave me the answer I needed plus more information I didn’t know. Thank you again

    • Lucy Hansen says:

      Thankyou , just checked on my peppers and there are more than we are ready for.never knew you can freeze and have whenever you are ready! Thanks so much! Lucy

  2. Phyllis Ford says:

    Can i freeze stuffed peppers after the pepper was blanched and meat and rice cooked

  3. Linda Buckmaster says:

    I have a question. Should the peppers be frozen before baking, or after baking? I’m a bit confused because I’ve found conflicting advice on a variety of websites, so I don’t know whether I should bake them first and then freeze, or just stuff them (with cooked meat), and then freeze while the peppers are still raw.

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