Can You Freeze Smoked Salmon?

Updated December 28, 2017

Q. I absolutely adore smoked salmon. Unfortunately, no one else in my family shares my passion for it. I’ve tried finding smoked salmon in small packages, but I only seem to be able to find the large packs of it. It’s very expensive, and I always end up having to throw out almost half the package because I can’t eat it all quickly enough. I would love to be able to save some for later. Can you freeze smoked salmon?

unfrozen smoked salmon

unfrozen smoked salmon

A. Yes! Freezing smoked salmon is a great way to preserve its quality, texture, and flavour. In fact, many people prefer to buy already frozen smoked salmon because it was frozen at the height of freshness. If you can’t find frozen smoked salmon in your area, not to worry! The following tips will allow you to freeze and enjoy smoked salmon whenever you like. You’ll never throw it away again!

How to freeze smoked salmon?

If you buy your smoked salmon whole and unsliced, then I suggest cutting it into single serving size chunks or slicing it before freezing so that you can defrost only a bit at a time. Cut the smoked salmon into the desired size, and then wrap tightly in two layers of plastic wrap to avoid freezer burn. Some people choose to add a layer of aluminum foil over top for extra protection. Place the wrapped pieces of smoked salmon in a freezer bag and press the air out. Seal the bag, then label and date it, and place it in the freezer.

If you purchase your smoked salmon already sliced, then divide the slices into single serving size portions of a few slices each. There’s no need to separate individual slices or place anything between them. They won’t stick together upon thawing. If you have a vacuum sealer, vacuum seal the individual portions. If you don’t have a vacuum sealer, tightly wrap the slices in a double layer of plastic wrap. Then, place the slices in a freezer bag and squeeze out the excess air. Seal, label, and date the bags. Smoked salmon will last 6 months or more in the freezer.

To thaw smoked salmon, remove the desired amount from the freezer. Thaw smoked salmon in the refrigerator until completely defrosted. Then, unwrap and enjoy. Previously frozen smoked salmon should be consumed immediately. Never refreeze previously frozen smoked salmon. Thawed salmon should maintain the same taste and consistency as fresh.

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