Can You Freeze Pecan Pie?

Q. I bought the most incredible pecan pie at the farmer’s market yesterday, and have already eaten three slices. The trouble is, I live alone and cannot finish an entire pie on my own. I would like to be able to enjoy a slice of pie from time to time without worrying about what to do with the rest. Can you freeze pecan pie?

pecan-pieA. I have great news for you: Pecan pies are a snap to freeze, so you can enjoy a slice of that delicious pie whenever you get the urge. Unlike some pies, the dense texture and low water content of pecan pies mean that they hold up well when frozen and don’t turn watery or mushy when thawed. The key to successfully freezing pecan pie is to wrap it really, really well and make sure it doesn’t get crushed in the freezer.

How to freeze pecan pie?

Pecan pie can be frozen in one large piece, or in individual slices. To wrap the entire amount of pie leftover in one large piece, it can be frozen in the pie plate it came in or it can be moved to a pie box for added protection. Wrap the pie two or three times in plastic wrap to ensure that it doesn’t absorb any odors from the freezer. If the pie fits in a large freezer bag, slide the wrapped pie into the freezer bag and freeze. Ensure that the pie doesn’t get crushed under heavier frozen foods.

To freeze pie in individual slices, cut the pie into desired pieces. Wrap each individual piece of pie in a double or triple layer of plastic wrap. Then, place the individually wrapped slices of pie in small rigid containers to protect them from being crushed or from crumbling. Label and date the containers, and then stack to freeze. This allows you to easily thaw one slice of pie at a time, without the need to thaw the whole pie.

How to thaw frozen pecan pie?

To thaw frozen pecan pie, remove from the freezer and place in the fridge to thaw. Thawing is in the fridge rather than on the counter allows the pie to stay firm until ready to eat. When completely thawed, remove the wrapping and serve. Frozen pecan pie will retain its flavour and freshness for up to a year in the freezer. Once thawed, it should be eaten within 2 days for best results. Never refreeze previously frozen pecan pie.

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