Can you freeze fried rice?

Q. A good friend of mine makes the best fried rice I have ever tasted. She would often invite me over to have some, but she recently moved about an hour away and I don’t see her as often anymore. She offered to make a big batch of fried rice for me to take home the next time I see her, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish it all in one go. How can I store the fried rice so that I can enjoy it for the next month or so without it going bad? She swears that I can freeze it, but I’m not sure whether that would change the quality of the fried rice. Can you freeze fried rice?

A. Why not? You can freeze other types of prepared rice, so why not fried? The key is to freeze the rice before adding any extra condiments that my get absorbed by the rice during the freezing process, causing it to bloat and become soggy. With a bit of care, your frozen fried rice can be enjoyed for months to come!

How to freeze fried rice?

To freeze fried rice, begin with rice that has been freshly prepared. Allow the rice to cool completely before freezing, but avoid allowing it to sit at room temperature for an extended period of time. Also be careful not to squish the rice, as this will cause the rice to stick together and turn into a mushy mess upon being thawed.

You can use freezer bags to freeze fried rice, but I prefer hard-sided freezer safe containers because they better protect the rice from being squashed in the freezer. Simply scoop the desired amount of fried rice into each container, and then seal the containers completely. If you are not going to fill each container to the top, consider placing a layer of plastic wrap over the rice before sealing to help prevent freezer burn. Label and date the containers, and place in the freezer.

To use frozen fried rice, remove from the freezer and place in the refrigerator for several hours or overnight to thaw. If you want to use the rice immediately, it can be microwaved in a microwave-safe container or reheated in a pan on the stove. You can then add any additional condiments or seasonings to the rice. Thawed fried rice should be consumed within three days of being thawed for best results. Store unused portions in the fridge. Do not refreeze previously frozen fried rice.

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