Can You Freeze Chocolate Chip Cookies?

Q. My grandchildren came over this weekend and we baked a double batch of chocolate chip cookies. They ate their fill, and I even sent them home with some cookies, but I kept some leftover cookies for when they come to visit again. I was thinking of placing them in the freezer. I’ve frozen cookie dough before, but I’ve never tried freezing baked chocolate chip cookies. Now I’m worried that they will harden in the freezer and not be any good after I thaw them out for the grandkids. Can you freeze chocolate chip cookies?

Can you freeze chocolate chip cookies?

Can you freeze chocolate chip cookies?

A. Yes, you can absolutely freeze chocolate chip cookies. Your grandchildren are going to be able to enjoy those cookies for months to come! The main issue that tends to arise when freezing chocolate chip cookies is having them harden or get freezer burn, but those issues can be easily avoided if the cookies are prepared and frozen carefully.

How to freeze chocolate chip cookies?

For best results, it’s important to freeze chocolate chip cookies when they are as fresh as possible. Ideally, they would be frozen the day they are baked to retain maximum freshness. Bake the cookies according to your recipe, and then let cool. While you can simply place the baked chocolate chip cookies into freezer bags and seal them, they will taste better and retain more of their original texture if they’re individually wrapped first.

Wrap each individual chocolate chip cookie tightly in plastic wrap. Make sure that no part of the cookie is exposed to the air. Place the wrapped cookies in a freezer bag, then seal. To save space in the freezer, stack the cookies in piles of four or five, then wrap the stack in a double layer of plastic wrap and freeze. Avoid placing anything heavy on top of the cookies in the freezer or they will crumble.

To thaw frozen chocolate chip cookies, remove the desired number of cookies from the freezer. Place on the counter or in the fridge to thaw completely. Frozen chocolate chip cookies can also be thawed in the microwave. Unwrap the cookies and place on a microwave safe dish, then defrost the cookies for around 30 seconds. Thawed chocolate chip cookies should be eaten within two days for best results. They can be frozen for up to two months, but are best if eaten within 3-4 weeks. Do not refreeze previously frozen chocolate chip cookies.

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  1. Cathy says:

    Thank you for the helpful post! I am thinking of thawing them in plastic wrap and then keeping them in the plastic wrap to give away. Do you think this would be fine? I am afraid that condensation will build inside the plastic. Or would you suggest that I un-wrap them, thaw them, and then re-wrap them?

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