Can you Freeze Cheese Sauce?

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Q. I like to eat my vegetables with some cheese sauce on top, but I find that I always make too much. I don’t eat cheese sauce every night, and the leftovers just tend to sit in the fridge. I often forget about it and then have to throw it out and make a new batch the next time I want some. I would prefer to be able to freeze the cheese sauce for later, but I’ve heard that it’s not a good idea to freeze dairy products because they don’t keep the same consistency. Please let me know, Can you freeze cheese sauce?

cheese sauce

can you freeze cheese sauce?


A. Yes, you can freeze cheese sauce! That said, you are correct about certain dairy products having a tendency to separate once frozen. This also holds true for cheese sauce. What happens during freezing is that the fat separates from the rest of the product, causing a slight change in colour and changing the consistency. Not to worry though, the separation is temporary and the consistency can be easily restored. The colour should return to normal upon thawing of the cheese sauce.

How to Freeze Cheese Sauce?

To freeze cheese sauce, it’s best to start with freshly made sauce. Forget about the sauce you have lying around in the fridge right now, and start with a fresh batch. Allow the cheese sauce to cool completely before freezing. It sounds as though you are using the cheese sauce in single serving quantities, so consider freezing it in single serving sizes as well. I recommend freezing the cheese sauce in small freezer safe containers with lids rather than freezer bags in order to make it easier to get all the sauce out after freezing in small quantities. Quarter or half cup sized containers are ideal.

Give the cheese sauce a good stir before freezing to help fully incorporate all the ingredients. Spoon the cheese sauce into the small containers, then secure the lids. Label and date the containers, and then place them in the coldest part of the freezer. To thaw, remove the container from the freezer and defrost in the refrigerator overnight or for several hours. Once thawed, using a spoon or a mini-whisk, stir the sauce vigorously to bring back the original consistency. Heat the sauce in the microwave before using. Use thawed cheese sauce within 2-3 days for best results. Never refreeze previously frozen cheese sauce.


A nice cheese sauce recipe: The Roquefort cheese sauce:

It’s super good, easy to make and very convenient to always have in the freezer.

Here is the recipe:

you can freeze roquefort cheese sauce

roquefort cheese sauce

Roquefort sauce.

– 150 g of Roquefort cheese

– 20 g butter (optional)

– 400 ml creme fraiche

– Salt pepper

With the Companion robot:



Put in the bowl, the Roquefort and the butter cut in pieces.

Start the robot in ‘sauce’ mode, V 3 at 80 ° for 5 minutes.

At the end of the program add cream, salt and pepper.

Program again on ‘sauce’ V 2, 100 ° for 10 minutes.

Without the Companion robot:

Follow the recipe by cooking your sauce in a saucepan and watching it well so that it does not stick. You can do more to freeze it.
You can prepare this sauce by doubling the proportions, then put it in ice cube trays to freeze it and then pour it into a freezer bag.

You can always have it at hand either to cover pasta, or to accompany a meat or fries.

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