Can you freeze smoked salmon ?

It is important to observe some rules for successful freezing of smoked salmon. The appearance of the fish is an important factor because its texture must remain soft and mellow. It must have a pure and homogeneous color. The edge of the edge must be the same color as the inside. In addition, choose larger slices with fewer ribs. Indeed, it is not recommended to choose a salmon with white fibers because it is so fat, which does not favor its freezing. For a prepackaged product, prefer an expiry date as far as possible. The packaging must not be soft. In addition, it must indicate certain mentions to guarantee the quality of the product. These are the conditions of smoking, slicing and salting. The fish should have a shiny, non-greasy appearance. If it is greasy, it will find the presence of oil fillets in its packaging, also perspiration indicates that it has been poorly preserved.

smoked salmon

smoked salmon

When choosing a smoked salmon, make sure the product has not been frozen. The packaging must indicate this mention if it is not in the instructions for use. It is also important to know how to smoke. The latter is carried out in various ways, smoked and sterilized, smoked hot or cold. Cold smoking is easily perishable. The fish must therefore be kept in the freezer. It keeps its appearance raw and wet, it is of this type of smoking that comes the majority of the production of smoked salmon. It is exposed directly to smoke from a wood burning fire at about 30 ° C. Smoked hot and sterilized, after smoking it is packed and sterilized. Its heat treatment destroys all bacteria, so its flesh is firm and compact. It must then be kept in its packaging, which remains intact for freezing. The packaging can also indicate the slicing mode. If it has been operated manually, the slices are homogeneous whereas the mechanical slicing is often done on frozen fish. This does not guarantee the quality of the product, in which case freezing is not recommended. Smoked salmon purchased in vacuum packaging is normally stored in the rays between 0 ° C and 4 ° C. Its packaging already protects it from drying out because the water is expelled during its maturation. So you must take care not to break the cold chain by transporting the product in an insulated bag and freeze it immediately.

Thawing is done by placing the product in the refrigerator 24 hours in advance. As a precaution against bacteria, pierce your packaging. This is not necessary if it is thawed in cold water. It is strongly recommended to use it immediately and not to refreeze. The rest of the cold smoked products must be consumed within 3 days because dangerous bacteria can develop.

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