Can you freeze Marijuana ?

If cannabis drying requires staying away from sunlight and moisture, some people may be tempted to store cannabis in the freezer.  But can this affect the quality of cannabis?

Cold and decarboxylation

Decarboxylation is a chemical process that occurs during the drying of cannabis. The raw plant contains THCA, a non-psychoactive molecule. During drying, THCA is transformed into THC, the psychoactive molecule of cannabis. By storing the cannabis in the freezer, the process of decarboxylation stops, which will give a product less powerful than a properly dried product. If the grass is properly dried and placed in the freezer, another problem arises.

The degradation of trichomes

Trichomes are those small white or amber (mature) particles that you see on your heads. Trichomes give the flavor of your herb and make it unique. But they are also responsible for creating cannabinoids.

When the ice freezes, the trichomes are weakened. They will break when the consumer takes the cannabis out of the freezer, even with delicacy. In addition, the container may also affect trichomes. At the exit of the freezer, the trichomes will break in the same way.

Vacuum freezing

The best method of freezing cannabis is that practiced under vacuum. The absence of oxygen prevents the degradation of trichomes.



The only valid reason for freezing cannabis, finally,  is to run out of glass jars after drying. Freezing should then be temporary. It will not change the taste of cannabis so much. American professionals still recommend leaving it half a day at room temperature before use.

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