Can I freeze Camembert ?

Q: I love french cheeses ! I recently bought a dozen of Camemberts cheeses to make a “camembert rôti” for a family meeting. Camembert rôti (roasted camembert) consist in puting the whole camembert in its wood box in the oven, let it melt and serve it over potatoes and ham with some side salad. So simple and sweet ! It was such a success ! But I have made too much and I have 4 camemberts left, they have’t been cooked so I wonder if I could freeze them to do that great recipe later this winter ?

can i freeze camembert roti
camembert roti

A: Leave it in its original packaging, and take it out the freezer the day before you put it in the freezer and take it out the next day a good hour before the tasting.

Sometimes a camembert or thawed brie can become floury.

Frozen soft cheese will taste better if you cut it individually, before wrapping it in aluminum foil and then stuffing it in a plastic bag before freezing it.

The taste of camembert or brie do not satisfy you at the tasting? Use it to stuff pancakes or to make a creamy sauce or make this fabulous “camembert rôti”.

But beware the freezing does not stop the fermentation of the cheese but simply slows it down, so do not keep it too long in the freezer.

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