Can You Freeze Bok Choy?

Q. My wife bought a whole bag of bok choy on sale at the grocery store. She likes to cook it, but the truth is that no one else in the house really likes it. Still, I don’t like food waste, and wouldn’t want to see the extra bok choy go to waste. It would be nice for my wife if she could simply have some available whenever she wants it. I was thinking of freezing the extra, but I’m not sure if the bok choy would just wilt and go soggy after being frozen. I don’t want to ruin it. Can you freeze bok choy?

Can you freeze bok choy?

Can you freeze bok choy?

A. Yes, you can freeze bok choy, but with caution. Bok choy has a high water content in the stem, which will expand upon freezing and then contract upon thawing, making it go limp and a bit soggy. Also, the leaves will lose their firmness upon thawing. Still, if your wife typically eats bok choy cooked in a stir fry or added to a soup, then this shouldn’t be a problem.

How to freeze bok choy?

Many people recommend blanching bok choy first before freezing to slow down the enzyme breakdown, but I find that blanching it results in wilted, mushy bok choy. Instead, I recommend freezing it raw and not blanching it first. Begin by washing and drying the bok choy. Make sure to dry it really, really, well to help prevent it from going mushy. Pick through it and throw away any pieces that are very pale or turning yellow.

Chop the bok choy into smaller pieces that can be used in stir fries or soups. Baby bok choy can be frozen whole. Then, place the bok choy into freezer bags. Remove the excess air, then seal, label, and date the bag. Place the bok choy in the freezer and avoid placing anything heavy on top to avoid squishing it.

Bok choy can be used in recipes directly from the freezer by simply adding it during the cooking process when making soups or stir fries. It can also be thawed in the fridge for several hours and used when thawed. The bok choy will not be as crisp as it was prior to being frozen, but it will not be completely mushy. It should be consumed within two days. Refreezing previously frozen bok choy is not a good idea as it will destroy the texture completely.

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    Absolutely what I wanted to know – thank you – now I’m off to freeze some boy choy!

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