Can You Freeze Almond Milk?

Q. I love almond milk because I’m lactose intolerant and can’t drink regular milk, but the problem is that no one else in my family will drink it. I find that I’m always throwing away almost half a container of almond milk because I can’t drink it all before it goes bad. I don’t want to stop buying it, but I hate wasting all that milk. Can you freeze almond milk?


A. Yes, you can freeze almond milk, although most manufacturers don’t recommend freezing their almond milk beverages because freezing changes the texture and consistency of the milk. However, freezing almond milk shouldn’t change the taste of the milk, and doesn’t make it unsafe to drink or alter the nutritional value, and many people freeze almond milk on a regular basis. Unlike dairy products, almond milk shouldn’t change color during the freezing process and shouldn’t take on a yellow tinge.

To freeze almond milk, make sure the milk hasn’t passed its best before date. Stir or shake the milk to make sure that no separation occurs prior to freezing. Place the milk in a freezer safe container, and allow room for expansion as the water in the almond milk will cause it to expand during the freezing process. Freezing the milk in freezer bags allows the bags to be laid flat and stacked in the freezer, and also allows for expansion. Label and date the bags, and use frozen almond milk within 6 months of freezing for best results. To prevent almond milk from taking on the flavors of other foods, it may be a good idea to double bag it by placing an additional freezer bag over the first.

To thaw frozen almond milk, remove milk from the refrigerator and thaw in the fridge until completely thawed. Before using thawed almond milk, stir or shake the milk to remix separated ingredients. Previously frozen almond milk will not regain the same consistency it had prior to freezing, so it may not be best suited for drinking. However, thawed almond milk is excellent for adding to smoothies or used in recipes such as baked goods, soups, or casseroles.

If you plan to use almond milk in small quantities, consider freezing almond milk in ice cube trays and then popping the frozen cubes into freezer bags. Use a few cubes directly in iced coffees, smoothies, or other cold drinks to add extra flavor without the need to thaw a large amount.

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  1. Donna Swaile says:

    What a great site I stumbled upon. I wish I found it sooner. I know I will be using it often. As a newly single lady I find it hard to make small meals or make something and eat it several days in a row. I also know there will be more variety and less waste in my food. Thanks do much for honest and everyday answers to the “Can I freeze it?” , not what the food companies say (I think the more we throw out the more we buy, the more profit in their pockets) Thanks for the answers to questions we may never of asked without this site.

  2. Linda says:

    Simple Truth. Sold at Kroger is a brand that I found that thaws with no issues. Not sure why, but it is only the regular. I accidentally got unsweetened, and it thawed like any other brand. I didn’t even know this was normal until now. I had just always bought the regular Simple Truth Almond Milk. Then shopping at Walmart one day I just grabbed two of the Silk brand. The one I froze, and thawed looked aweful. I threw it away. Tried it again with a another brand, and it did it again. So, now I know I didn’t just have bad milk! Lol

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